Permanent Representation

Baden-Württemberg in Brussels

Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg in Brüssel (Foto: Felix Kindermann)

In recent years the European Union has become increasingly influential in matters of environmental policy at the national and regional levels. Over 70 percent of new legal acts adopted in the environmental field now originate in Brussels. The Permanent Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels therefore monitors the latest developments at the European level very closely and maintains regular contact with the Ministry.

This enables Baden-Württemberg to respond promptly to EU proposals and to ensure that its interests are taken into account at the European level. We host events on environmental and energy policy issues, which ensure that our voice is heard in Brussels. We draw attention to the interests of our state at the European level by organising talks or discussion evenings the Permanent Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels several times a year. These events focus on current European issues relating to regional environmental, climate change mitigation and energy topics.

Other kinds of cooperation

In addition, the Ministry cooperates with many other partners in the EU, such as the Four Motors for Europe.

It receives visitor groups from various European ministries, institutions and organisations and promotes exchanges with them in which its own officials participate.