International cooperation with Denmark

Dänische Flagge

Baden-Württemberg has been cooperating with Denmark in the field of energy management and energy policy since 2014. Both countries pursue very ambitious energy policy goals and face similar challenges in the fields of energy efficiency of buildings, heating networks and renewable energy. It therefore makes sense to exchange experiences and ideas across national borders.

Delegation tour

In January 2015, Environment Minister Franz Untersteller headed a delegation to Denmark to exchange views with members of the Danish government on water protection in the European context, resource efficiency, common climate protection goals and the direction of energy.

In June 2017, a delegation of experts from the Ministry of the Environment, the Climate Protection and Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg and the energy agencies traveled to Denmark to gather comprehensive information about the local heating networks.

Declaration of Intent and the first German-Danish dialogue on heating grids

At the World Climate Change Conference in Bonn in November 2017, Minister Franz Untersteller and his counterpart Lars Christian Lillehholt extended their "Declaration of Intent", which was first signed in 2015, for another two years. In this deed they declare their willingness to continue and intensify cooperation. Now the subjects of energy efficiency and building renovation should be at the center of joint activities.

As a result, the first German-Danish dialogue on heating grids was founded, whose inaugural event took place on 11 and 12 June 2018 in Stuttgart.