Radiation protection

Personenschleuse im Kernkraftwerk Philippsburg

The Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector is responsible for protecting people and the environment against damage caused by ionising radiation. Examples of ionising radiation are the use of radioactive substances for therapeutic purposes in the medical field and safety when handling radioactive substances in nuclear engineering, the industrial sector and in training institutions.

Protection against increased natural radioactivity also has a role to play. The radioactivity that exists in the environment is being continually monitored. Monitoring stations that are generously distributed through the country observe the general level of natural radioactivity and the artificial influences asserted by man.

In addition to protection against direct dangers caused by radiation (=emergency protection), the adopting of precautionary measures in order to protect the population, the employees in the working world and the patients in the field of medicine, are of decisive relevance.

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