Energy transition in Baden-Württemberg

Security of energy supplies

Strommasten bei Sonnenuntergang mit Windrädern

Such a highly developed industrial base as Baden-Württemberg cannot afford supply bottlenecks. Globally speaking, Germany is one of the sites having the most secure power supplies, as demonstrated by the so-called "non-availability" of 15.3 minutes in 2013. This is the average amount of time per year that a consumer could not be supplied with electricity due to disturbances.

To ensure the security of energy supplies, Baden-Württemberg relies on:

  • Expansion of renewable energies
  • Grid and storage expansion
  • Load management.
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Expansion of cogeneration of heat and power
  • In the future, modern and rapidly adjustable conventional power plants, such as gas turbines will also play an important role.