Sewage sludge incinerator in Eger

Pilot plant in Eger, Hungary (source: Biomorv, Eger)
Pilot plant in Eger, Hungary (source: Biomorv, Eger)

The „local authority sewage sludge disposal project EGER, Hungary” arose from cooperation with the Environmental Technologies Platform (Umwelttechnik e. V.) and the Hungarian entrepreneur Ferenc Morvai. The sewage sludge incinerator in Eger burns wet sewage sludge right next to the sewage treatment plant to produce heat and electricity. The plant is currently being operated as part of an extended pilot scheme in consultation with the Hungarian authorities. The University of Stuttgart will assess the plant technology with a view to its future optimisation.

In this context, the waste gases produced by the plant will be examined with regard to compliance with EU standards. This will help the project towards achieving market maturity. The funding for the plant technology has been approved by the Environmental Technologies Platform. The project will be carried out by the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management at the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with the University of Budapest.

The specific sustainability features of the project arise from:

  • Short transport routes to the regional recycling plant and consequently low COemissions.
  • Use of waste heat for low-emission and energy-efficient full drying of sewage sludge.
  • Use of thermal energy for various processes (internal and external).
  • Supply of CO2-neutral thermal and electrical energy with substitution of fossil fuels as primary energy sources.
  • Thermal utilisation means that sewage plant operators do not need to invest in hygiene measures.


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