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If you find environmental damage caused by air pollution, noise, water pollution, waste disposal or other damage to nature and landscape, get in touch with the Environmental Helpline of the State Government Baden-Württemberg. We request the responsible authority to look into your report and remedy the environmental impact where possible

For the processing of your environmental message we need 

  • information about type of the environmental impact
  • the place of the environmental impact and
  • your address, telephone number and e-mail address for possible questions.

Your data and the subject of your request are treated in confidence. We exclusively store them so that we can contact you and process your requests. Should the processing necessitate the involvement of another ministry or a subordinate department, a district administration or a municipal authority, then we also forward the request to these. Should a request be the responsibility of another ministry, then it is possible that we shall forward the stated personal data and the subject of your request to the responsible ministry for further processing. This is based on § 4 of the Land Data Protection Act (LDSG). Please inform us should you not consent to these being passed on.

After your request has been dealt with, either the data are erased or they can be placed on file pursuant to the valid data protection regulations should this be a matter that is records-related so that records can be kept. You can object to your data being processed but it is then possible that it shall not be possible to deal with your request.

You can read the  data protection regulations at all times.

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