Priority Areas of the EU strategy for the Danube Region and the role of Baden-Württemberg

The EUSDR establishes four main pillars:

  • Connecting the Danube Region,
  • Protecting the Environment in the Danube Region,
  • Building Prosperity in the Danube Region and
  • Strengthening the Danube Region.

Together with Croatia, Baden-Württemberg, represented by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, coordinates the priority area “Supporting the competitiveness of enterprises”.  The Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector is especially engaged in the working group “Environmental Technology and Energy” of Priority Area 8. 

Pillar 1: Connecting the Region

Priority Area Participating countries
1Mobility and multimodality

a) of inland waterways

b) rail, road and air

a) Austria and Romania

b) Slovenia and Serbia
2Sustainable energyHungary and the Czech Republic
3Culture and tourism, People to PeopleBulgaria and Romania

Pillar 2: Protecting the Environment

Priority Area Participating countries
4Water qualityHungary and Slovakia
5Environmental risksHungary and Rumania
6Biodiversity, landscapes, air and soil quality Germany (Bavaria) and Croatia

Pillar 3: Building Prosperity

Priority Area Participating countries
7Knowledge societySlovakia and Serbia
8CompetitivenessGermany (Baden-Württemberg) and Croatia
9People and skillsAustria und Moldova

Pillar 4: Strengthening the Region

Priority Area Participating countries
10Institutional Capacity and cooperationAustria (Vienna) und Slovenia
11SecurityGermany und Bulgaria