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International climate protection

Climate change does not stop at national borders. Hence, a close alliance with the international community, in addition to an effective climate policy at home, is crucial. The Under2 Coalition is an important example of such global cooperation. 

Logo der Under2 Coalition

Under2 Coalition

The Under2 Coalition is a group at the subnational level which represents states, provinces, regions and cities from six continents with a joint commitment to an ambitious climate protection policy.

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EU climate and energy policies

The EU Commission has set out a framework for its climate and energy policies up to 2030. The new targets will take these policies forward at the end of the current 2020 framework.

Prime minister Winfried Kretschmann (r.) and minister Franz Untersteller visited the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

UN Climate Change Conferences

The United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place annually under the aegis of the United Nations. The purpose to adopt measures to protect the climate and to reduce global warming.