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title page: Towards a sustainable future: Envireonmental, climate protection and energy policies in Baden-Württemberg

TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Environmental, climate protection and energy policies in Baden-Württemberg

One of the most important goals of Baden-Württemberg's environmental policy is to preserve the natural resources of life and to conserve them for generations to come. To achieve this goal, we work primarily on the following topics... More

Closed cicle waste management

Closed cycle waste management in Baden-Württemberg

The flyer introduces the closed cycle waste management in Baden-Württemberg. It provides an overview of the basic principles, the actors of circular economy and the disposal methods and procedures for household waste, commercial and industrial waste and hazardous waste. More

Climate Change in Baden-Württemberg – Facts - Impacts - Perspectives

Climate change and its consequences are not only a global problem; climate change also takes place in Baden-Württemberg. The State initiated a study on the ecological, economical and socio-economic impacts of climate change at a very early stage. The results of several research projects in recent years provide the background for this brochure and allow conclusions about climate change an its consequences for Baden-Württemberg. More

KFÜ - Remote Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants Baden-Württemberg

The UM BW operates a remote monitoring system (KFÜ). By this computer-based system the nuclear power plants at the sites Neckarwestheim, Philippsburg and Obrigheim are monitored. Furthermore the exposure caused by the nuclear power plants close to the border (Leibstadt/Beznau (Switzerland) and Fessenheim (France)) are also monitored. In the brochure the tasks and the system engineering of the KFÜ are described. More

Flyer - UIS BW - Environmental Information System of Baden-Württemberg

The UIS BW is an Environmental Information System. It merges a diverse amount of environmental data on topics such as water, soil, air, noise or nature and landscape. More

UIS BW - Environmental Information System Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Environmental Information System Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW UIS), the entire processing of environmental information under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Department coordinated across sectors. Data on various environmental issues including water, air quality, waste, or nature and landscape are recorded and maintained by many agencies. With the help of the UIS can be accessed at these different data sets. More