The EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Environmental Technologies for the Danube Region

EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Baden-Württemberg is committed to achieving better environmental conditions in the Danube Region with the help of modern environmental technologies. We aim to help the countries of the Danube Region meet the European Union's environmental objectives in the near future. This is why we maintain regular communications with the Danube Region to exchange experiences and transfer knowledge. In addition, we have joint governmental commissions with Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Hungary.

Our activities within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) not only have a positive effect on the environment; they also stimulate the economy in participating countries. Thus, the use of modern, energy-efficient facilities not only saves energy, but also confers economic advantages.

Baden-Württemberg also established the Environmental Technology Network in the Danube Region. On this platform, providers and users of environmental technology, as well as public and private institutions and businesses in Baden-Württemberg and other Danube countries connected with each other. In addition, common projects were identified and knowledge of environmental technologies was exchanged. In this way long term cooperation was created and a contribution of an improvement of environmental conditions in the Danube Region was made.

Our activities regarding the EU Strategy for the Danube Region


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