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Transnational cooperation

Transnational cooperation with our neighbouring regions in Switzerland, Austria and France is a key element of our work. Many of the environmental problems which affect the entire border region can only be resolved together. And key challenges, such as the energy transition, also call for common answers. Cooperation between the affected regions also provides an opportunity to build on and make better use of transnational synergies.

One model of intensive transnational cooperation can be found in the metropolitan Upper Rhine region where public authorities and citizens have been successfully engaging in transnational action for a number of years. The Upper Rhine Conference brings together government and public authorities at the regional level. It provides the institutional framework for transnational information and cooperation.

The legal requirements for projects, plans and programmes which have cross-border environmental impacts call for comparison of different national legal systems and procedures as well as special intercultural issues. This was the reason for writing the handbook on cross-border participation in projects, plans and programmes which have an impact on the environment. The purpose of this handbook is to develop action plans for administrative practice on the basis of current statutory regulations, directives and conventions which uphold and in no way compromise national procedural rules.

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